KNAUS VANS have a Europe‐wide 5 year impermeability guarantee and 24 month warranty.


Please note for all KNAUS VANS:
Dimensions and weights may vary within possible +/–5% tolerances due to the use of natural materials.


Installations, conversions or modifications carried out by unauthorised workshops endanger your safety and risk loss of the general operating permit and voidance of the KNAUS warranty. Therefore only have repairs or additions carried by an authorised KNAUS dealer and insist on original KNAUS extras.

Subsequent conversions or modifications, when technically possible, require additional assembly and material costs. In single cases, special combinations can be mutually exclusive. We reserve the right to make technical modifications in design, colour and equipment when these serve technical progress.

Some of the Figures show optional equipment deliverable at extra cost.

The contents are valid at the time of printing in July 2014. They are valid as from 1.8.2014 for the model year 2015. Previous Price Lists are no longer valid. Errors and printing errors excepted.


The water supply unit corresponds at least with the state of the art of 03/2009 (Directive 2002/72/EC). 


*) Explanations on weight specifications for your KNAUS van:
KNAUS vans excel with high load capacities. Innovative solutions such as using high‐strength steels for the chassis or intelligent honeycomb technology in furniture manufacture allow realising lower inherent weights of the KNAUS vans.


The legal authorities have ruled that the „mass in running order‟ and the „technical authorised laden mass‟ are to serve as weight specifications for a van (Directive (EU) 1230/2012): 

The mass in running order is defined as:
Mass of unladen vehicle (incl. onboard tools)
+ diesel tank 90% full
+ 75 kg (driver’s weight)
+ liquid gas bottle 100% full
+ fresh water tank 100% full (capacity limited to 20 l ** fresh water in driving operation, when technically planned)
+ toilet flush tank 100% full
+ fresh water tank heater 100% full
= mass in running order


** The capacity of the fresh water tank can be limited to 20 ltr. with an overflow valve according to Annex V, Part A, Sec. 2.6 Fn (h) VO (EU) 1230/2012 (recommended filling when driving). 


Mass in running order (incl. onboard tools): 2,850 kg
Technical authorised laden mass: 3,500 kg
Maximum payload (persons, luggage, load, gas, water, fuel etc.):  650 kg


The mass of the unladen vehicle is determined by weighing a vehicle with standard equipment (without optional equipment, accessories or packages; with onboard tools).  Please note that optional equipment, accessories or packages may reduce the maximum payload of a van by their influence on the mass of the unladen vehicle. As user of a van, you are obliged not to exceed the „technical authorised laden mass‟ and the respective maximum axle loads when driving.

When ordering options that replace components from the packages, these package components are not delivered extra.